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Online Interest Charges Calculator

The Interest Charges Calculator is the ideal tool to get the default interest charge for outstanding accounts, unpaid invoices ect. You can applicate changing interest rates and different capitalization periods. You can take more than one interest account at once, adding aditional rows for each account. The tool is ideal for advocats, lawyers and dept collection agencys, but also for companies and private citizens to get the interest of receivable accounts.

Interest charges

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:Assistance for the interest charges

In "Interest charges" you can calculate the default interest charge for outstanding accounts, unpaid invoices ect. Changing interest rates are supported. This method of calculation is particularly suitable for the computation of the interest, if a certain amount of money (demand) is owed during a longer period and the interest rates change in the course of time.

The input of the values for which the interest is calculated: The values for which the interest is calculated, the pertinent beginning of the interest charges and the end of the interest charges have to be entered in the table "Return". In the column "Onset of interest" you enter the date from which on interest has to be paid. In the column "End of interest" you enter the date, when the interest charges are to end. In the column "Sum" you enter the money that the interest is paid on.

The input table "Change interest rates": Click on the column "Date" in the interest rate table and enter the date, from which the interest rate is to apply. Afterwards, click on the column "Interest" in the same line and enter the pertinent interest rate. If the interest rate has changed in the period, click on "add new" to add additional interest rates.

Note: The computation of the interest in the tables "Movements" and "Interest rate change" is arranged automatically according to the date. If no valid interest rate is available, the interest rate 0 is used. If there are movements after the last interest rate, the last interest rate is consulted automatically.

The option "Day calculation - capitalization" : Click on the register "Day calculation – capitalization". Determine, through clicking on the appropriate options, whether the year should have 360 days or be as long as a calendar year, and whether the day calculation should be accomplished according to the calendar or with 30 days per month.

Adjust capitalization (When should the interest be added to the capital of the current account?): By clicking the appropriate options determine whether during the calculation of interest the capitalization is to take place monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or at the end of the running time.

Calculate: Click on "Calculate", in order to accomplish the calculation. The interest days, the interest and the capital inclusive interest (gross capital) are subject of the calculation.