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Calculate the averaged interest of your investments

... such as a custody account, an investment fund ect. Enter the present values and the dates of your investments. At the end, enter the final capital - this is the sum of the investments, including the earnings. As a result you get the averaged interest of your investment porfolio.

Average interest rate of an investment portfolio

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Capital Investment Portfolio

The calculation method "Investment Portfolio" is for investors, who have different investments with different maturities and would like to know how high the average interest charges (profitability) of the investments are. Deposits (purchases) and exits (sales) on different dates and a final balance (that is the height of the plant sum at the computation time) are given.

The program computes the average interest charges (profitability) of the investment portfolio.

The input table "payments and outpayments": Click on "Date" in the input table "payments and outpayments" and enter the date of the payment. Afterwards click in the column "Value" in the same line and enter a negative value for disbursements (sales) and a positive value for deposits (purchases).

The option "Day calculation - capitalization": Click on the register "Day calculation – capitalization". Determine, through clicking on the appropriate options, whether the year should have 360 days or be as long as a calendar year, and wether the day calculation should be accomplished according to the calendar or with 30 days per month during the interest calculation (calculation of profits). (Interesting, for instance, for profitability comparisons with other forms of investment.)

Adjust capitalization (when should the interest be added to the capital of the investment): By clicking the appropriate options determine whether during the calculation of interest the capitalization is to take place monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or at the end of the running time.

Capital (invested money) inclusive interest: Enter the final capital (investment sum) including the interest at the computation time .

Compute: Click on "Compute", in order to calculate the interest charges (profitability) of the investment portfolio.

Calculated interest rate (profitability): After the computation the interest rate is written in this field.

The table "Portfolio": The interest calculation of the investment portfolio is shown in a table.

The closing date: Enter here, when the conclusion of the current account should take place. If no date is entered, the date of the last purchase or sale is used as closing date.