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Loan calculator

Calculate the annuity for a loan!

You get a redemption plan with indication of the annuity, the interest and repayment rate as well as the remaining debt over the entire loan duration. Compare the effective interest charges of different offers with different durations or e.g. if there are costs per rate or unique opening expenses.

Depending on, which values are entered, the loan calculator computes the following values:

- the annuity
- the interest rate of the loan
- the duration of the loan
- the amount of the loan
- the effective interest rate of the loan under consideration of opening fees and costs per rate


Calculate your supply deficit!

How much do you need to save to e.g. receive a certain monthly amount over 20 years?

In the first part you compute, which amount you have got at the end of the duration with given interest and periodic deposits. In the second part you calculate, how long you will obtain a certain periodic disbursement (annuity, pension) with certain interest, until the capital is used up. In addition, other computations are possible, e.g. how high should the interest rate be in order to receive a desired pension from a given capital for a certain period of time?

Interest scale

Interest scale

Control the accounts of your bank!

The module supports changing interest rates for debit and credit balances as well as different capitalization dates. With this tool you can exactly comprehend the bank statement of your current account.

Live annuity

Life annuitys are periodic payments until the end of life of the recipient. They are bound on the life expectancy of the pensioner. They are purchased by one-time payments (eg sale of a house on annuity) or ongoing contributions (deferred annuity). Basis for the calculation of life annuities are life tables. (Vital statistics of the population of a Country).

A typical example of the life annuity is the sale of a house. The purchase agreement is, that the buy price is payed only partially (or not at all). Instead of paying immediately, the buyer has to pay a certain ammount as a peridoic annuity until the death of the seller.

Interest charges

Compute the interest with claims!

If demands aren’t paid in time, e.g. bills, claims for damages, reimbursements etc., interest can be charged. The height itself is usually based on a key interest rate, varying in the course of time.
Enter the claimed amount, the date of the beginning and the end of the claim as well as the changing rates of interest and calculate the amount of interest and the resulting demand.

Investment Portfolio

How much interest do your investments bear on an average?

By clever dispersion of the assessments both the risk can be distributed and high return can be reached. That means however different running times with different yields and changing capital conditions at the same time.

Calculate the average interest of an assessment account (Portfolios) with changing capital conditions!

Net cash flow

Is an investment worthwhile?

The net cash flow computation should be made with each investment! Therewith the interest of an investment can be calculated under consideration of periodic deposits and disbursements.

Enter the invested sum, the expected periodic costs and proceeds as well as the duration of the investment. The program computes the interest rate at which the assigned capital bears interest (internal rate of return).

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