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Free Online Interest Calculators

Loan, Mortgage, Live annuity, Interest charges, net present value ...

Webfinancialtools is an internet portal with various online interest calculators. It is just as suitable for tax counsels, economic advisers, investment consultants, investors, insurers, bankers, building contractors, consumer advocates etc. as for the private one, be it for the car purchase, the housing financing, the age precaution, the investment of funds or other financial affairs that have to be financed.

Get annuity, term or effective rates of loans, mortgages, hire purchase, control the settlement of a current account or a bank giro account, the compound interest of call money, compute the NPV (net cash flow) and IRR (internal rate of return) of a financing or investment, the average return on cash investments such as stock portfolios, etc.

Currently, the following calculators are available:

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Short Description of the Calculators:

- Loan: It is often difficult to compare financing offers because of hidden costs and unequal repayment periods, different running times etc. With the loan calculator you can compare them by calculating the effective interest rate. The resulting repayment plan contains the annuity, the part of interest and the part of capital on the annuity. More about loans...

- Saving Pension Calculator: How much do you have to save, if you want to receive a certain pension? The Saving Pension Calculator has two phases: In the saving phase regular deposits are paid interest on (investment of funds). In the disbursement phase a continuous pension is computed, which can be disbursed, so that on the
assumption of certain interest charges the capital is expended at the end of the running time, or so that a certain amount is reached. More about saving pension calculator ...

- Interest Scale: Almost everyone has a current account; special about the current account is that the balance can change from asset to credit (from positiv to negative) and vice versa. The interest rates are
different, according to whether the credit balance is positive or negative. Besides, the interest rate may vary in the course of time. Accordingly, it is complex to control current accounts. The current account calculator provides the possibility to accomplish that easily, online and free of charge. More about the interest scale ...

- Life Annuity:
Life annuitys are periodic payments until the end of the recipient's life. They are bound to the life expectancy of the pensioner. They are purchased by one-time payments (eg sale of a house on annuity) or ongoing contributions (deferred annuity). Basis for the calculation of life annuities are life tables. (Vital statistics of the population of a country). More about life annuity ...

- Charges: Does someone owe you money and you can demand interest, e.g. concerning compensation claims? If long civil proceedings precede, the computation of the interest is complex, particularly if changing interest rates have to be considered. With the interest charges calculator you can calculate the appropriate computations online. More about interest charges ...

- Investment Portfolio: Investors usually distribute the money on several forms of investment in order to
minimize the risk and to optimize the yield. The result is that there are different yields with different maturities. But what is the whole amount of interest charges of the entire portfolio? With the Investment Portfolio Calculator you can compute the average yield of a investment. More about investment portfolio...

- Net Cash Flow: With the net cash flowcalculator you can compute the internal rate of an
investment. At the beginning of an investment most often stand a large expenditure (investment sum), periodic costs and proceeds. After a certain period the investment has to be paid off. More about the net cash flow ...